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This is a fantastic explanation of the process of how to play the game from a man with years of experience in working young minds. The patterns of progression allow coaches to pour knowledge into their players of all ages and levels of play. This enables players to perform with experience and knowledge beyond their years.

One Shot Tennis is a great pathway to success in the game.
--Johan Kriek Former #7 World
2 time Australian Open Singles Titles
4 time Wimbledon Seniors Doubles

My passion for instruction comes from my belief that coaches takes on the responsibility in agreeing to work with players and must commit all their energies to helping players achieve their potential.

What I have read from One Shot Tennis pumps me to be a better coach. --Tim Wilkison ATP Tour player for over 25 years, ranked #1 Junior in the US.


To be successful the player needs to learn how to ""play"" and love tennis which includes a love for the battle.
--Cid Carvalho

31 years - Head Coach at Winthrop University

22 Conference Titles

Intriguing, exciting and defines what many coaches are searching for. Conscious Prep for Subconscious Play takes Inner Tennis to the next level.
--Calvin Davis
31 State High School Varsity Titles
Charlotte Country Day School

One Shot Tennis breaks down the basics of developmental tennis and is a must read for all students of the game.
--Larry J. Strickland Head Coach - Howard University
9 Championship Titles

Winners win and occasionally lose. Losers lose and occasionally win. But champions have learned the process of winning which to them has become more valuable than winning itself.

One Shot Tennis Paperback

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